Dj Inspire – Things You Should Know – Whats a DJ Pack?

Dj Inspire – Things You Should Know – Whats a DJ Pack?

It’s always pure bliss when you network with like minds, rally around a common hunger to propel to that next level. San Diego artists are a mix of talent and creativity, driven by the will to become a cornerstone in the music industry. San Diego has its own distinctive style that has helped curve the west coast; a funk type lyricism that ripples just south of Los Angeles. As in all segments of hip hop culture, artists still fall short, ambition is high while being laced with music game is on a low. Talent falls by the wayside when artists can’t get the local support. Local connections attribute to so much of the success we see launch many careers.

The cause of this can be, “not being in the right place at the right time” missing opportunity. There still is more, opportunity is only as good as the preparation of the artist that it’s being met with. DJ’s have always been the building block of hip hop and the gateway between the artists and fans. In these fast-paced days of technology, we see the internet is the major universe in which all artists exist. This doesn’t mean DJ’s are not still a vital role in launching careers. Probably more now than ever, Dj’s are plugged to a plethora of fans that can catapult a single artist’s career. With a saturation of digital musicians popping up at every hour, you’ll want to touch the ears and minds of Fans in traditional spaces to differentiate yourself.

What traditional spaces? Clubs, Network functions, special events, release parties and more. The DJ’s still remain the gatekeepers and tastemakers for the industry on so many levels. With hundreds of artists soliciting their music to DJs, without the right packaging you’ll be more noise in a crowded room. Lucky for us, at the West Coast Podcast Expo, San Diego’s very own DJ Inspire broke it down for the artists in the crowd. Whats a DJ Pack and how to deliver it, well let her do the talking.

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