How is COVID 19 Pandemic’s Affecting Music Artists?

How is COVID 19 Pandemic’s Affecting Music Artists?

Judging by the rate at which tours are canceled all over the world, I could tell you that the music industry has no known future courtesy of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) across the globe. So many people in the music industry aren’t guaranteed their safety and financial security.

There was a 23% drop in global music streams on Spotify on the top 200 charts as of March 9th. So many countries in a bid to practice “social distancing” and also maintain the “stay at home” order were left with no options but to close down colleges, schools, corporate businesses, and markets and bars.

Thereby leaving people with no option but to oblige, this has done more harm to music artists because no organization would want to sponsor a music festival or hire a music artist for a concert in this COVID-19 period.

Going by the way coronavirus is contacted and nature/ways it spreads, live music performances, concerts, festivals, and large gatherings, were some of the first events to be stricken with official postponement and cancellation following the COVID-19 outbreak.

At this time of COVID-19 outbreak, when we aren’t certain of what is going to happen next, rest assured that many more music events would be canceled each passing day due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And trust me, that is the only way to encourage and force people to stay safe and keep practicing social distancing.

Travel bans and strict bans on large social gatherings have already been placed in so many countries around the world, which will never let music artists host performances, concerts, or music festivals. However, as these music artists get no financial aid or support from the Government, the music industry in some parts of the world would definitely collapse if the COVID-19 outbreak lingers.

Coachella Has Been Postponed

In a bid to control and curtail the spread of the COVID-19 virus, L.A— based festival Coachella was recently postponed till October, just to mitigate large crowds and avoid bringing a large number of people together. Asides mega-events and festivals being canceled to curtail the spread of coronavirus, smaller events are affected too, and this gives music artists little or no chance of survival in the industry at this time of the year.

With the way things are going on all over the world, a few music artists have figured out the best way to interact with their fans and encourage them to remain at home till the COVID-19 outbreak is over. A renowned American music artist, Swae Lee broke the record on Instagram lately when he hosted his first-ever concert on Instagram live right in his studio. This single act got most of his fans happy and satisfied. Some music artists all over the world are left with no choice but to follow suit to keep their fans entertained and also maintain their relevance in the music industry.

No doubt, the COVID-19 outbreak has an impact on every music artist in the industry.

Additionally, it was recorded that Spotify pledges to match the quantity of money raised via the public – up to a maximum of $10 million, with an estimation of public donations for COVID relief charities.

The donations feature that current websites on its website may be extended to artists’ pages on Spotify, where they will be able to receive donations for a cause or charities of their choice.

Paul Pacifico Statement

CEO of industry body the Association of Independent Music (AIM) Paul Pacifico explained that the organization has been experiencing immediate hardship, receiving heart-breaking calls daily from AIM member businesses that have been struggling to get out of the crisis caused by COVID-19 outbreak. And also from people who are self-employed with no other known means of livelihood. Although the MU hardship fund is seen as an amazing initiative, judging based on what we see in reality, this initiative only ends up scratching off the surface for these hardworking and committed taxpaying workers in the music industry.

So many people think that the U.K. government needs to understand the risk which is involved, then step up and face a greater crisis once these people in the music industry can no longer meet the expense of their families and pay their bills when due.

On the other hand, Shabaka Hutchings whose upcoming shows were canceled said in a statement through her manager, Rachel Millar that,

‘Right now the loss in thousands and if this condition remains the same when the loss could be in hundreds of thousands by the end of this year if the live industry doesn’t recover quickly. It means the musicians like me will have to suffer a lot if there would be nothing to invest in. Other than this, the tour limitation will have an even adverse effect on the record sales and merchandise, which means more loss of income. So the Government must provide enough support to self-employees, the way it is providing to the employees, no matters in what form, whether grants, loans, or something else. But if the circumstances remain the same, then the damage could target the people’s careers and the overall industry.’

Now in Africa, Mozambican rapper Laylizzy in an interview stated thus; “For the past two or three months I’ve been collaborating with various studios here in Maputo, Mozambique, where I’m at with different engineers, and so the different producers, and artists. But it’s dangerous to be in those studio environments right now; I’m going to have to get back to have a record at my home studio.

I see DJs already underway live-streams with many other DJs, which is a great thing because we can play from the Livestream to our speakers and so we can play it through the homes.

However, if you are like me, and you are living with 2 or 3 people, then it can be quite entertaining during this self-isolation. But if it comes to being a famous rapper, all my performances are meant to be energetic.

In a bid to encourage the social distancing practice and also curtail the spread of COVID-19 virus, Apple music has put in place a means to help people get through this COVID-19 season by hosting several kinds of music, videos, playlists and Beats 1 radio selections through its most recently launched feature ‘Come Together.’

Apple is recently giving its users 90-days free access to the ‘Final Cut and Logic Pro’ to encourage people who are inquisitive about harnessing their innovative powers all through the COVID-19 outbreak to help them enhance and produce video and audio content.

Most professional music artists rely solely on touring and stage performances as their major source of income. However, the music record industry has obliged that fewer music fans pay for music. The risks to public fitness and safety have compelled governments to floor the single largest sales circulation for those in the music and entertainment industry.

So many music artists will continue to face economic hardship as a lot of music festivals and concerts, and live show organizers will never give room for events and performance due to fear of public safety, and to maintain the social distancing practice. If things continue this way, so many festivals and concert organizers will be forced to go out of business.

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