Is Social Media Is DEAD For Music Marketing? – And Why Email Works…

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Is Social Media Is DEAD For Music Marketing? – And Why Email Works…

It’s been over 12 years since the launch of the Facebook social media platform, and I can tell you in some form or another that it has come to stay. Music artists, promotion managers, and other entrepreneurs find social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as the incredible and perfect platform to reach and interact with a great number of their fans and followers and also build a community with them. However, marketing and promoting your music, videos, and content on social media platforms seems to be an outdated mode of content marketing. No doubt, this has been the traditional and widely used music marketing strategy. However, there are ways better off than this, but a lot of people are not informed and up to date with happenings in the marketing industry.


Getting A Large Number Of Special Organic Reach Is Not An Easy Task

In recent times, the rules have changed for business profiles and pages on Facebook. However, which makes it uneasy for brands to get noticed without having to run a sponsored ads and posts, organic posts on Facebook aren’t given adequate privileges to flourish and made available to all your followers and fans across Facebook. This is really affecting brands and other entrepreneurs, denying them access to meeting up with prospective clients and people who might be interested in purchasing what they have to showcase. With this, every music artist that wants to be successful should be working on a new music marketing strategy to remain relevant in the industry.


Ever wondered why your posts to Facebook get to reach only about 30% of your entire Facebook followers? You only get a few likes, comments, and shares when you probably have thousands of folks following your page? Do you think other followers of your page aren’t interested in what you do and post to social media? Well, the truth is that not every follower on your page or everyone who likes your Facebook page gets to see your posts and videos. That is the algorithm Facebook uses to display posts to people on Facebook. If you want a larger number of people to see your posts, then you’ll have to spend some dollars on sponsored posts. Isn’t that pretty much for upcoming music artists who can’t afford so much to have their posts and videos all over Facebook? Well, it is!

Can You Still Promote Music Contents Through Social Media?

Definitely, you can! But you have to understand that in recent years, advertising comes with prices attached. If you can afford to sponsor your posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, that’ll be an awesome move. Sponsored posts, videos, and music promotional materials on these social media platforms no doubt gets a lot of engagements ranging from comments, likes, and shares; you can still get YouTube views from social media marketing, which, on the other hand, increases your revenue. However, the cost of promoting these content on social media platforms is way higher than what is involved in email marketing. Email marketing seems to be a better and more effective option. This method has already been in use by most successful music artists, but only a few heard about it or found out its relevance in the music industry.


Comparison Between Social Media And Email Marketing For Your Music Marketing

You need to understand that social media is very relevant in several ways in the music marketing industry, this article is only to educate you more on the relevance of email marketing in the music and entertainment industry. It is advisable to grow your fan base and followers on social media, post new and interesting content on social media platforms, but focus on driving your sales through email marketing.


How Fans Rate Email Marketing?

Recent studies proved that about 77% of consumers chose to get marketing emails (permission-based) over social media and other advertising platforms.


ROI Ranking Of Email Marketing

An average of $44.25 sales return is achieved for every single dollar spent on email marketing; music marketing isn’t an exception to this. Isn’t that a great deal? This is no doubt an amazing deal for anyone who really what’s to be successful in music marketing. This is an ROI you can never achieve with any social media platform.


Odds Of Reaching Your Fans Via Email Marketing

About 91% of consumers have access to email on their phones and gadgets, and this makes it pretty easy to reach them anytime, any day. People tend to take email offers and promotions more seriously than that if social media and statistics have earlier proven that 138% is spent on email offers by consumers. Doesn’t it sound pretty cool? This is basically an ideal way to connect with your fan base.


How Can You Build Your Fan Base Through Email Marketing?

You can build a strong fan base through email marketing by following all the processes discussed below;

Ways to get people to give you their email addresses for marketing and content promotion purposes.

  • Offer Your Music For Free

Offer your music to people via email, ask your fans for their respective email addresses to enable you to send them your music through email, which is a better way instead of offering them free download through SoundCloud. You can automate this with the help of so many tools such as FanBridge, ReverbNation, and DropTrack. Try not to ask your fans for their email addresses without having an offer for them. It may sound fishy to them, rather attach offers such as tickets to shows, promotional contents, and free music or video downloads to the email address request, and watch them oblige to your request.

  • Content Ownership Is Guaranteed

Unlike social media, this time, you’re in control and solely own your data. Statistics proved that 77% of consumers sign up for email lists with the sole intention of getting discounts and amazing offers.

Email conversion rates have proven to be way higher than that of social media; this proves the fact that a higher number of consumers prefer their communications with brands via email.

  • Be A Reliable Music Artist; Deliver Your Promises To Your Consumers

If consumers give you email addresses for promotional and discount sales purposes, make sure to keep to your words, email users have a very high tolerance rate for promotional content when compared with social media users. Unlike social media, most email users are always on the lookout for amazing offers and taking care of their businesses each time they are seen in their email inbox. Judging by the way Facebook is currently limiting organic reach, one could tell that email marketing remains the best option for music stars. It is indeed time for every music artist to learn and master email marketing as an effective music marketing strategy.

Email marketing will enable a prompt delivery of marketing and promotional contents to your consumers, and they get to see it each time they check their email inbox whereas posts made to Facebook and other social media platforms have limited organic reach, thereby making the posted content unavailable to a lot of fans who were unable to see your contents due to some restriction policies on these social media platforms.

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