New Single: On the Road From Music Artist Asher

New Single: On the Road From Music Artist Asher

As a long time high energy performer, Asher Laub hails from Long Island, New York. Has been accredited as one of today’s most astounding electric based violinist and electronic producers. His raw talent is supported by three advanced degrees. He immersed himself in the sciences at New York University and New York Department of Education, where he was a full time science professor for four years.
Asher started violin training at the age of 2, which launched a notable music career. Asher’s first interest was with the classical art. Eventually, it led to his first formal concert with the Buffalo Philharmonic at the age of 13. With a growing fan base of his very own, Asher took interest in influencing societal norms and pushing unconventional thinking about music performance. In 2014, Asher was hit with life-altering events, facing health issues that were potentially devastating (particularly for a musician), and used that as an opportunity to reinvent himself. During this time, hip hop, pop, rock, EDM and other genres were mixes of culture that Asher learned to merge an innovative sound from. Asher also added breakdancing and acrobatic choreography to his performances. You can follow Asher on YouTube, Spotify, Instagram and Facebook. Check out his website for news and updates.


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