(New Exclusive Interview) Chosen Fate Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine |

(New Exclusive Interview) Chosen Fate Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine |

(New Exclusive Interview) Chosen Fate Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine

1. Breakdown the concept behind the “Perculate” music video?

Perculate was a music video made to protest against abuse. Particularly the video protests against gang violence, child bullying, and senior citizen violence lol. We did a skit with two old people dance battling over a parking spot. It was really fun Andy DNA videos did a great job on the concept.

2. How long did it you guys to shoot the video and where did you shoot it at?

We shot it down town Atlanta around little five points. It really didn’t take us that long to shoot. It took two days to shoot what took the longest was the treatment and the talent scouting. But I plan to do many more and I’m on the look constantly for actors, dancers, and models and I do pay.

3. What part do you play in the Atlanta music scene and who are some artist that you look up to?

Well I want to be what’s different in Atlanta. As far as the music scene goes, I want to be the artist that you can let your children hear and not have to worry about a lot of cussing and things that children shouldn’t be listening too. The artists I look up too are Outcast, Kendrick Lamar, Bone thugs in harmony, Anderson Paak, Rapsody, Logic, Frank Lucas, and J cole.

4. What is your favorite soul food spot in Atlanta and what are your favorite three dishes?

Well nobody makes soul food better than my Auntie so if you want that y’all gone have to take a trip to ole country okmulgee, ok. I love her turkey and dressing cause the cornbread is made from scratch and the beans are freshly picked. My favorite desert is strawberry cheesecake from Denny’s.

5. The title of the Album is “Come By here.” Why that title and what does it mean to you?

Well “Come by here” is a message to the most high it’s a prayer really that he can fix the poverty and the racism going on in the United States. I do apologize to those who do not believe what I believe but you asked me so I gotta tell you the truth although the album still isn’t considered to be a Christian album because I kept it real on the whole thing.

6. What do you feel you bring different to the music industry?

Well I feel if I don’t bring anything else to the industry I know for fact I will inspire many to be themselves and not care what everyone thinks. I approach music as an art. Music is just noise with a rhythm and what ever you put in the rhythm is on you. So ima give them myself on every record from beat to the vocals it’s all me.

Chosen Fate – Perculate (Official Video)

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