(New Exclusive Interview) CLE’PH Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine | @rnbcleph

(New Exclusive Interview) CLE’PH Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine | @rnbcleph

(New Exclusive Interview) CLE’PH Talks Music With Imperial Hustle Magazine

1. How long have you been creating music?
I have been creating music since High school. My very first song I ever wrote was called TAKE IT SLOW, I took me 3 class periods but It got done. Since then, Been writing and composing ever since.
2. Breakdown your style and sound?
I would say my style is like a little bit of Neyo, Joe and Anthony Hamilton. That’s what people tell anyways. I grew up in the 90s era, So the whole story telling element like artist Donell Jones really plays a huge part in my Music.
3. How did “Hey Miss Beautiful” and how it came about?
So the song HEY MISS BEAUTIFUL became to be when I had lost management after having a bad show. I didn’t or wasnt sure if I  would get back into music again. Came across the producer LEGACY BEATS page, Heard the instrumental and it stick to me. Almost like it picked me. Crazy. I reached out. Wrote the song and the rest is history
4. Breakdown your name and how you came up with it?
My name CLE’PH comes from, well music. I had the name already But didnt know if i wanted to use it came of the whole wyclef jean thing. So my friend said to me why not use the name But change the spelling and put P H at the end. So I did. I added the apostrophe a few years later to jazz it up. Worked out great.
5. What makes you different from the other music artist within the music industry?
What makes me different from other artist in the industry is the whole story telling aspect. Not alot of stories being told about LOVE or everything things. Even when it comes to romance. No body wants to be in love. Me on the other hand, I wanna make it cool to be in love. That’s what stands out
6. Where do you see your brand and career in the next 5 years?
I see myself and my brand in the next 5 years being a household name. Touring the world , Doing features and writing for others..wanna be that go to songwriter in the business as well. So let’s see how this journey goes
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