(New Exclusive Interview) Is Bitter Bones The Next Wave Coming Out Of The Southwest Region? | @BitterBonesUSA

(New Exclusive Interview) Is Bitter Bones The Next Wave Coming Out Of The Southwest Region? | @BitterBonesUSA

(New Exclusive Interview) Is Bitter Bones The Next Wave Coming Out Of The Southwest Region?

1. You have a lot of tattoos on you. What are you top 3 tattoos and what do they mean to you?

Top 3… I have “Believe In Yourself” across my feet… and that reminds everyday to keep pushing and that I CAN do anything I set my mind too.
I have a wolf wearing the skin of a sheep over its head… Someone who disguises a ruthless nature through an outward show of innocence.
I also have devil on both of my shoulders whispering into my ears. And that is just how I feel. Always have the temptations poking at me…

2. What is the hardest thing in life you had to overcome and how did you overcome it?
4 years ago I made the decision to get sober…I had to stop living in out of cars and get my head straight. So I focused heavy into my music and pulled myself out of a grave that I dug myself and I’m proud to say I have never looked back since.
3. What was it that made you want to start creating music and how long have you been recording music?
So when I was in 5th grade I started rapping… my older cousin nick rapped and I really was drawn to it so I started working hard on that. Eventually I started playing instruments and stopped rapping for awhile. Then I spent the past 10 years off and on touring in rock and roll and metal bands!
4. You currently live in the Arizona marketplace. Why Arizona and how has it helped your brand and career?
So I’m from Maine, but I moved here a few months ago. It really helped me because being so close to LA I was able to get out there and meet with a ton of producers and artist. It has also given me time away from everything I knew back home and just focus on the end game.
5. Do you have videos coming for both “All Okay” and “Where Were You?”
I actually have a video for All Okay out! But I have a wicked awesome video for Where We’re You that is done and I am stoked to show that to you all!
6. what genre of music do you feel you fit and what genre of music are you currently in?
It’s funny cause I’ve spent so much time in the metal and hardcore music scene that a lot of my industry friends are in that scene. That’s where I fit in personally. Musically I’m planning to move more into the pop/hip hop, kinda on some Post Malone/ Nothing, Nowhere wave.
7. How important and the use of social media, when it comes to building your fan base?

Honestly that is 80% of this for me. It is so important to stay active with my fans and give them a way to look into my everyday life as well as promote my new releases!

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