Nicki Minaj Drops Haunting Visuals For “Hard White”

Nicki Minaj Drops Haunting Visuals For “Hard White”

Last August, Nicki Minaj dropped Queenwhich was her triumphant return to the game. There was a four-year gap between Minaj’s last album and her latest one, so her fans were more than excited when Queen touched down. Although it’s been a half a year since the project touched down, Minaj is still in promo mode. The Queen herself announced that she would be dropping a music video for “Hard White” on Thursday night, and lo and behold, it has arrived. 

“Hard White” was a fan favorite, and a good selection for Minaj to bless with a music video. Directed by Mike Ho, the visuals for “Hard White” use religious symbolism to paint a haunting backdrop for Minaj. Derranged nuns and chalk white demonic looking beings help hammer home the creepy vibe of the video, but the shots of Minaj sitting in a futuristic throne are the real eye catcher. 

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