StaHH & Crazy DJ Bazarro – Come With The Weak Shit

StaHH & Crazy DJ Bazarro – Come With The Weak Shit

Back from a brief hiatus, MF DOOM affiliate/protégé StaHHr gave the fans a warm up with her ‘Respect Due’ project paying homage to some of her favorite MCs. Now StaHHr has aligned with Crazy DJ Bazarro of the Dysfunkshunal Famlee/Beatminerz to bring you their EP titled ‘7:30’. The first single “Pandora” (b/w “Come with That Weak Shit”) is a soulful lament about a relationship challenged by music as the consummate “other woman”. StaHHr delivers a dope concept reminiscent of Common’s I Used to Love H.E.R.

The bonus track, “Come With That Weak Shit” StaHHr reverts to battle mode and rips to shreds the stripped down Bazarro track while a Guru sample is put to good use to deliver a stern warning….


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