Succeed In the Music Business with Creative Keywords

Succeed In the Music Business with Creative Keywords

What is more important in today’s music business?

A.) Having a great sound?

B.) Executing a great marketing strategy?

If you chose “B”, you may be on your way to stardom. In today’s music business, having an effective web marketing strategy can make the difference between you being a local, national or international music star.

A key element in your digital marketing strategy should be the selection of your artist name. Why? Because your artist name will also become your artist keyword online.

I’m sure you’ve become accustomed to Google Keywords, but Google isn’t the only place where people use keywords for search. Bing, Yahoo, Youtube, ASK and many other search engines use keywords to help millions of people find what they are looking for online. So why wouldn’t be any different with music?

If someone is looking for information about you as an artist, they are most likely, going to type your artist name into Google, Youtube, Yahoo or Bing. When the search engine returns the results, you’ll want your website, or your myspace page to be in the top of the listings.

My suggestion is to choose something meaningful and creative as a keyword. An edgy artist name, when used as a keyword, will help your listings in search algorithms in a drastic way.

For example, let’s examine two keywords for two suppose music acts – “Panic At the Disco”, a rock band and “Algebra” a soul and r&b singer.

When I Googled Panic at the Disco, Google returned 10,100,000 results. On the first page of Googles search results, every listing led me to information about the rock band, Panic At the Disco.

The very first Google listing, for Panic at the Disco, was for the band’s website.

The second listing for Panic at the Disco was their bands Wikipedia listing

The third result was Panic At the Disco on twitter.com.

The fourth result was Panic at the Discos’ Youtube page.

Fith was Panic on Facebook.

Get the picture? The first page of Googles’ search results was all Panic at the Disco. Panic at the Disco is on an Indie Label.

Now let’s briefly look at Algebra, an R&B Singer on a Major Label.

I Googled Algebra, and you can guess my results. The term “Algebra” returned 130,000,000 results in Google. Algebra, the R&B Singer wasn’t listed anywhere in the first 10 pages of results. Most people doing searches will not dig past page two – in any search engine. The likelihood of the R&B Singer Algebra, having any success with organic search results (from a marketing standpoint) is very slim.

So the lesson to be learned here is: choose a creative keyword and artist name. With a creative keyword, people can find you easily on the Internet and that can improve your online presence by 100%

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